Missing details in noisy images

Dear All,

am trying to create some images using rpict, but the outputs seem to have some details missng. The target scene is a photovoltaic instalment consisting of 4 rows of 40 modules. The resulting image using rpict is shown here: scene
Each module here looks a bit noisy and was wondering what the reason behind it is. The goal is to create top view images of the entire scene without the shadow (for eg. each pixel specifies the depth of the scene). Perhaps there is a better way than using rpict. I am relatively new to using Radiance, therefore am sorry for this (simple) question.
These are the details that I use with the rpict:
-pj 1. -dp 256 -ar 48 -ms 1 -ds .2 -dj .9 -dt .1 -dc .5 -dr 1 -ss 1 -st .1 -ab 3 -aa .1 -ad 1536 -as 392 -av 25 25 25 -lr 8 -lw 1e-4 -vf views
Here are the details in views:
rvu -vtl -vp 0 0 22 -vd 0 0.894427 -0.894427 -vh 100 -vv 50 -vo 0 -va 0 -vs 0 -vl 0
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you and best regards,

Hi Leslie,

This post probably belongs under radiance-general. This subarea is for developers, mostly.

Also, it is difficult to see what this image is or what it is supposed to be. The noise could come from any number of sources. Radiance is, after all, a Monte Carlo ray tracer. Anything that is under-sampled shows through as noise. It could be specularity or object details that are being under-sampled, or shading, or who knows? More details are needed about your model input.