minimum requirements for results drom Radiance and Daysim3.1

  Could you, please, give me some advice on what are the normal requirements for obtaining results in Radiance and Daysim.
  Also what graphic card you would advice me? I saw the CUDA 6.0 requirement on Radiance blog. Would that be enough for DGP and Radiance RAD Luminance(for instance) calculation?
  #my student computer reads like that:
  I am triggering with a file from Ecotect 2011 39MB on a
  Windows System, i5-2400 @2.5GHz RAM:4GB and °appr.40GB free space
  yet the DGP simulation takes at least 20 hours. -eventough i´m exporting only 10-12 sensor pts. i believe there is some ground-snoozing in my equipment and it could go faster,no?
  Any advice is greatly appreciated,
  Best, Niya

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