metdata, plasdata examples and documentati on?

try to look for "retroreflector"
( and others...)
there is a really good set of emails on the NG!

so fare the difference between plastdata and metadata are that in the 1st
the r,g,b components do not affect the specular color (and your dataset).
this means that if your dataset describes the way light is reflected by the
surface, changing r,g,b can chance the coefficients in your dataset...

there is a limitation (it would be interesting to ear more about... and it
could be good to check if I am right):
you cannot have reflection of the environment but only of light sources.
... but you can always mix...


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I am currently searching info on the useage of the metdata and plasdata
materials. I couldn't find any documented example so far (I have RwR
here, the old digest, the mailing list's archive for some years and a
google-window in my browser ;-). If there is anything like that out
there, it would be a great help to understand how to use these. I want
to use metdata and plasdata to represent some more complicated
structured surfaces, e.g. I still have the problem how to model a gold
mosaic as seen from a very distant point of view.

TIA + CU, Lars.
Lars O. Grobe
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