Mark Stock's benchmark on native Windows Radiance (time command)

There is a 'time' command in Windows! No need to install anything!

There even is a nice time bat-file on Stackoverflow:

To run Mark Stock benchmark on windows you have to:
Step 1:
copy xform.exe and rename it cat.exe
install Mingw which seems to contain a cat.exe

create a file called 'options' in the bench4 directory
with this contents:
-pa 1.0 -pj 0.02 -ps 1
-w+ -i- -bv+
-dt 0.050 -dc 0.50 -dj 0.0 -ds 0.250 -dr 1 -dp 512 -dv+
-st 0.150
-ab 4 -ar 128 -ad 1500 -as 500 -aa 0.15 -av 0.0 0.0 0.0 -aw 0
-lw 0.004
-ss 1.0 -lr -10 -u- -pd 0.0

Create a .bat file with this contents:
@echo off
echo %time%
obj2mesh -n 15 -r 16384 lens.obj > lens.msh
oconv -f -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad cube2f.rad > cube2f_instance.oct
oconv -f -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad cube4f.rad > cube4f_instance.oct
oconv -n 6 -r 16384 materials.rad scene.rad > scene.oct
rpict @viewpoint @options -x 2048 -y 2048 -t 60 -o windows.unf scene.oct
pfilt -1 -e +0 -x /4 -y /4 -r .6 -m .15 windows.unf > windows.pic
ra_bmp windows.pic > windows.bmp
echo %time%

Step 4:
Run the .bat file

If you don't want to calculate the time yourself you can use the .bat file
on Stackoverflow (I haven't tried it yet).

-I believe Greg also mentioned a way to avoid the use of cat in Radiance,
but I didn't understood how. :slight_smile:

I guess that was all I had to change.

Best Regards, Guy