Mapping issue with HDR files generated from TIFF

Hello Radiance community,

I'm doing a series of experiments for using a 3rd party 3D software (in
this case Rhino) to generate the map and render them with Radiance.

I made a workflow based on Giulio's suggestion (,
and it works fine when I use Radiance example .hdr files, however when I
use a custom pattern ( generated as a tiff image) and convert it to hdr
(ra_tiff -r) it doesn't map correctly. Looks like hdr mapping is scaled.

Is there some consideration in generating the tiff file or converting it to
hdr that I am missing. I tried to use pfilt and re-size the image to make
sure the size is fixed but it didn't help.

Here is a slide that shows the problem:

Also the hdr file generated from tiff image in case it can help:

Thanks in advance,