mapping an image

If you took a series of photographs, recorded exposures, and stitched them together using the metered exposure and a bit of information about the film (print film preferred, I think) to estimate actual luminance, I think you could come up with a reasonable approximation for some purposes.



On Tuesday, June 3, 2003, at 03:08 PM, Rob Guglielmetti wrote:

" there any way to map a HDR image in a source, something in the
way skies are generated (maybe replacing the skyfunc?) and then use it
as any other sky and/or ground? Somehow, for me this seems to be the
most natural solution."

I'm imagining either an HDR photograph lightmap of the entire
model-encompasing sphere, or a Radiance image of the same type of thing,
  mapped to a large sphere, in essence. Photometric accuracy of the
distribution of the light in the space, as well as the view out the
window wall are both important, so I thought this method might combine
the two. Sorry if I'm not explaining this well.