Making Photosphere open source

Asking for programmers willing to help update Photosphere for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

As some of you know, it has been a challenge for me supporting Photosphere across platforms. The original version of Photosphere does not work past Mojave (10.14), as 32-bit applications have been deprecated. As for Windows, I hired Elena Eydelberg to port Photosphere using wxWidgets nearly a decade ago, but there have been no updates since then.

I have recently attempted to bring the wxWidgets version Elena ported back to MacOS in hopes of making it into a proper 64-bit application, with some success. (There is an alpha release at However, I don’t really have the time or know-how to fix the bugs in this back-port, nor time to update the Windows version or create a Linux version, both of which should be on the roadmap.

My current thought is to make Photosphere and the Pancine C++ HDR imaging library that underpins it open source. This makes sense if I can get the help needed to debug the wxWidgets version on multiple platforms and make this a free and useful resource to all.

If you are a C++ programmer with chops on any or all of these platforms and interested in taking this on as a side project, please write. If you know of someone who might be interested, have them write. I’m interested in hearing from anyone and everyone at this stage.

Likewise, if you have other ideas or suggestions for how to get this off the ground, I’m all ears.

Best wishes to all for 2021 – it’s got to get better, right?