I have problems with macbethcal. I use it with a scanned photo of the
macbeth-target, as I have some mappings and material definitions to do. But I
don't reasonable results. If I use the "debug"-option (-d debug.pic), the
right side of the square (the "calibrated" one ) is black, while I don't get
warnings by macbethcal itself.

How much tolerance concerning the color fields of the macbeth chart does
mabethcal provide, e.g how big is the region per color field the program uses
for it's calculation? And is it ok to have variatons per field, does it
calculate an average color per field?

Thank You, CU, Lars.


I tried some of my better pictures, and I found that the source image was
simply too bad... I was able to use macbethcal with my other pictures. So I
only wonder why I am warned if some values are out of range, but I get a
completely bad .cal-file with the unuseable source file without warning.

CU, Lars.