Mac OS10.3 installation probs


Ok sorry if this is a stupid question but here goes...

Got a new HD and decided to do a clean install of 10.3 and to reinstall Radiance.
(I'd been using it without xwindows).

Initially just did radiance-rad3R5.tgz
- didn't worry about the auxilary files because apparently that's just 'images' (a major understatement).

Radiance installs and works fine - except.. missing all the useful stuff such as 'pfilt' 'pcond', and a zillion other goodies all in the rad3R5supp.tar.gz - but this doesn't have an install program.

OK so when the 2 downloads are unpacked i have 2 directories 'ray' and ' ray1' (auxilary files).

Almost seems as though I need to go through ray1 and shift the various programs across to their corresponding directory in ray. (can't be right, can it?).

I resorted to the LBNL download (which isn't split) but then hit a whole bunch of compilation errors (the installer is pretty different there too - for instance it doesn't ask for the users system or where library files should go). Spent a long time on trying to solve possible causes without much luck...

It would be great if someone could let me know what is required to install the auxilary files having installed the head.



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Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney

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