Looking for some pubblications for my thesys. (fwd)

Hi Lucio,

find attached a paper we published last year in JOSA A about RADIANCE's accuracy.
If you are interested in the implementation of the spectral rendering method, we have another paper in press that describes that method in more detail.


Final_published_version.pdf (460 KB)


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Hello everybody!

I'm Lucio Boscolo Mezzopan an itlaian student of electrical engeenering, new member of this mailinglist.

I'm italian as I told, so, sorry for my bad english and feel free to correct me if you like.

Now, my first question and a little more presentation.

I'm doing my thesys project to quit with university.

The projects involves Radiance and it is not yet defined how it will be in the end, but for the moment, my task is to check Radiace precision.

In other words, I have to find out if Radiance simulates well reality. I could it in two ways: building up a model and measuring real behaviour and simulating it and comparing the datas, or look for someone else who did the same.

Can you help me? Do you know about some pubblication having done this already ? It would be better it to be free of charge, but also if I (actually my university) has to pay for it, it could be great!

Many thanks in advance

Have good time :slight_smile:


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