Looking for software that integrates Radiance

For the PDF edition of Rendering with Radiance I am looking to update the list of software that integrates Radiance in some way. I know about Honeybee, DIVA, Daysim, and Open Studio. Anyone want to mention other software?

Vi-Suite - http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/projects/vi-suite
Sefaira - https://www.sketchup.com/products/sefaira
ODS-Studio - https://www.ods-engineering.com/tools/ods-studio/ (note: potentially no longer actively developed?)

I have plans to integrate Radiance into the BlenderBIM Add-on (https://blenderbim.org/) which I am building, based off the workflows I developed in my living room studies. This will allow a more seamless transition from BIM (IFC) models into Radiance simulations. Unfortunately, they are only plans for now :slight_smile: I will definitely keep everyone here posted when it turns into a reality.

I did also help migrate Ladybug (specifically, only Ladybug, not Honeybee) into the Blender node-based environment (called Sverchok - their equivalent of Grasshopper). Next on the list was Honeybee, but … I got distracted :slight_smile:

Ahh, the 24 hours in the day.

This list from the Department of Energy seems pretty thorough. I’m not sure who compiled it.


Huh – hadn’t seen this before… Guess it wasn’t me!

Thanks. That drawing is great – I’ll have to see if I can get permission to
include it.

Just to say, the more up-to-date version of the VI-Suite website can be found at http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/visuite/

Then again, that graphic isn’t complete, sigh. Still, pretty good. (But what’s with the “top secret” folder at the top?) I’ll try contacting the webmaster and see if I can figure out whose to ask for permission to use it. If not, I guess I can copy the list from the IBPSA web site.

I guess @Eleanor_Lee should be able to help. She is the PI on the project.

There are also some newer tools that didn’t exist when that graphic was made. I’m not sure if all of these directly use Radiance, or are just interested bystanders.

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I am not sure the purpose of this list, but Groundhog and Emp kind of used
to exist… I wasn’t never able to release version 1.0 because of weird
programming issues I was never able to solve. Everything is still on GitHub

It is up to you whether to count it or not!

Thanks, Randolph, for starting this thread. Amir Roth at DOE created the graphic and indicated that it would be ok to use if cited with “Source: DOE” (spell out U.S. Department of Energy” if you have the space). The graphic is a bit old — we can update the graphic if we have a current list of software that uses Radiance tools for all or parts of its underlying engine.

Thanks, Eleanor. That’s great.

Anything I know about software using Radiance as its engine is in this
Discourse discussion.

…And what’s with this top secret folder at the top of the graphic?

ODS Studio is not actively being developed anymore, but it is still available and you can use it.
Mark (founder of ODS) and I are implemented most of its features in Compute, which has a more modern codebase.
We just released the Radiance implementation on Compute. We had a webinar with McNeel a few days ago showing some of the new features

Maybe it is a niche to use Radiance for Photovoltaic simulations, but here are two examples:

Hi all, Geronimo its another small tool for visualizations of the daylight distribution using redirecting devices in pre-selected rooms, it hasn’t been updated in a while but I find it can be very useful for designers, also beginners in RADIANCE since it allows the adjustment of some parameters, and rapid visualizations. I actually used it when I was student.

Here the link: https://www.epfl.ch/labs/leso/transfer/software/geronimo/

Thank you!

The most current list (though it is somewhat out-of-date) is still at the BEST web site, here: https://www.buildingenergysoftwaretools.com/software-listing?keywords=Radiance, plus the additional tools that have been mentioned in this discussion. If the Labs could provide an updated graphic, that would be great.

Possible additions:

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Thanks everyone. Unfortunately, the IBPSA doest not current support updating the building energy software tools web site. I hope I will be able to update it in the future. Meantime, there is this thread.