Linux Binaries

Hello all, and thanks again for the new release! 3.5 compiled without issue on my Mandrake 9.0 dual-Athlon box. However I would like to make a Linux and/or Mandrake binary and/or RPM package for Radiance, but being rather new to Linux in general, don't know where to start. If anyone could point me to a on-line informative resource that discusses such things, could you be so kind as to forward it to me? Or is this even out of the question for a relative newcomer such as myself?

Thanks again,

Jeffrey McGrew

Jeffrey: If you are going to build rpms, I think this would
be great. I
think that one should build rpms for specific distributions,
and I don't
have any
experience in that, but on the long run, it would be great
for new users if
could simply pick a rpm or deb for their distribution without
worrying about

PATH-settings, compilers and dependencies. I will take a look
at rpm, if you
any further with this, please tell me (I have SuSE and Debian
systems here,
well as Solaris, having its own package management).

CU, Lars.

I will start by making a RPM for Mandrake Linux, what I'm currently using, if I'm able to figure it out at all :). I think that Mandrake RPM's will work within RedHat too; for Mandrake uses RedHat's package manager. But I'm assuming that, and would want to test it/have it tested prior to 'official' release.


Jeffrey McGrew