Large scale dataset/s for photometric rendering


I was wandering if anyone is aware of any large scale dataset for accurate photometric rendering. In principle this means it should fulfill the following requirements and include:

  1. Quite a few scenes and different environments mainly from interior models, if possible over 100
  2. Geometry in different formats, e.g. 3D mesh, faces, vertices, .ply, .obj, etc
  3. Depth maps (this might be optional though)
  4. Normal maps (this might be optional as well)
  5. Albedo difuse maps or reflectance properties of the scene surfaces and possibly material properties
  6. Light source properties, i.e. position, dimensions, intensity, distribution curves, possibly as IES files

The closest that I could find is from the Interiornet but after downloading and playing a bit with some of the scenes it seems to be incomplete and not exactly what the authors presented in the paper. I’ve tried to contact them without luck though.

There is also this upcoming work called Openrooms but still not available yet.

If anyone knows or is aware of something else I would be happy if he could share it.


Dion Moult has an excellent repository here:
Some renderings and discussion are here:

It’s going to be difficult to find a repository of scenes and models which support multiple renderers/raytracers, as the requirements of the different programs vary substantially and the effort involved in creating accurate models even for one program is significant.