Job Posting: Daylight and Climate Concept Development and Validation Engineer

Transsolar is a German-based climate engineering firm, and one of the premier such offices in the world. We are seeking talented, highly motivated engineers for our New York office. Our current needs place special emphasis on daylighting specialists with grounding in engineering science.

Transsolar develops and validate concepts for high quality environments that require minimal energy use. To achieve this we work collaboratively within the design team from the start of the design process, considering each step from the standpoint of fundamental thermodynamics. This generates a climate concept in which form, material, and mechanical systems are synergistic components of a well-orchestrated climate control system; and conversely, an environmental control strategy that is integral to the architectural concept.
We use a wide variety of computer simulation tools to evaluate our concepts. We perform daylight simulations using RADIANCE, with evaluation based on a wide variety of metrics, increasingly expanding to climate-based daylight metrics. Similarly, we perform dynamic thermal simulation using TRNSYS and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using FLUENT.

Transsolar engineers are often specialized in their work, but all carry out a broad range of tasks. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
. Design and validation of ongoing projects via RADIANCE, TRNSYS, or FLUENT simulation
. Collaboration with German Transsolar offices
. Project coordination
. Participation in meetings and design charettes
. Graphical representation of climate and energy concepts
. Writing reports and correspondence
. Domestic and international travel to project meetings and sites

Engineers with an emphasis on daylight simulation, including climate-based metrics, are our highest priority, but experts in dynamic thermal simulation are also of interest. Both entry-level positions and positions for 3-5 years experience are available. Our New York office is small but growing, providing ample opportunity for advancement.

Preferred qualifications include:
. Proven ability to creatively develop and apply non-traditional climate solutions to the indoor environment
. Education related to building energy flows and building science: heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solar geometry and daylighting, etc. Ideal is a degree in mechanical engineering. An M.S. is preferred but not required.
. Familiarity with basics of computational analysis (text-based input, computer programming, spreadsheet analysis)
. Experience with daylight simulation and climate-based daylight metrics
. Experience with electric lighting design and simulation
. Experience with dynamic thermal/energy simulation
. Experience with computational fluid dynamics in built environment applications
. Education/professional experience with architectural, mechanical, and lighting systems for building climate control
. Excellent oral and written communication skills
. Computer-based drawing skills (e.g. Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc)

Interested applicants may submit their resume and work samples via email to [email protected]


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