Invalid exposure entry2.0

Hi all,
I used the latest version c358ec23 to perform the overflow correction. The problem is related to a former post(invalid exposure entry). The problem of pcomb has been fixed and it can calculate the illuminance. However, the illuminance value(e.g.7309.1510) is bigger than the result (e.g.6731.3417) from the old version like 1af5566f when the measured value is 6577.3666 lux.
After the correction with c358ec23 , I cropped and resized the image using the new tool rcrop.

rcrop 45 944 3580 3580 23_ca.hdr > 23_carp.hdr
pfilt -1 -x 1000 -y 1000 23_carp.hdr > 23_care.hdr
(getinfo < 23_care.hdr | sed "/VIEW/d" && getinfo - <23_care.hdr) > 23_caw.hdr
getinfo -a "VIEW= -vta -vv 186 -vh 186" < 23_caw.hdr > 23_cac.hdr
evalglare -y -t 555 67 0.158 -b 5 -i 6577.3666 -s -c 23_glaret.hdr 23_cac.hdr 

But there occurred the same error when running evalglare :worried::
Then I tried the method from @Jan_Wienold (get rid of the exposure entry) using the old version 1af5566f and it still works :slightly_smiling_face:.

ra_xyze -r -o 23_ca.hdr > 23_car.hdr
pcompos -o -x 2580 -y 3580 -h  23_car.hdr  -944 -45 > 23_carp.hdr
ra_xyze -r -o 23_carp.hdr > 23_carr.hdr
pfilt -1 -x 1000 -y 1000 23_carr.hdr > 23_care.hdr

Morever, I am puzzled about the results obtained from evalglare with pixel overflow correction where only DGP is shown.
With pixel overflow correction:

Without pixel overflow correction:

I hope @Greg_Ward can check this problem. Now my computer is running two versions of Radiance. It is fantastic to use rcrop and pcomb to calculate the illuminance in one version!

What is the header of your original “23_ca.hdr” file? I suspect there is something in the header that is getting passed down to evalglare, which it doesn’t like.

Also, your first set of commands can be replaced by:

rcrop 45 944 3580 3580 23_ca.hdr | pfilt -1 -x 1000 -y 1000 | getinfo -r "VIEW= -vta -vv 186 -vh 186" > 23_cac.hdr

The new getinfo -r option replaces a previous setting with a new one. To remove any indented EXPOSURE= lines, you might have to modify the final command, like so:

rcrop 45 944 3580 3580 23_ca.hdr | pfilt -1 -x 1000 -y 1000 | getinfo -r " EXPOSURE=" "VIEW= -vta -vv 186 -vh 186" > 23_cac.hdr

This command should elide any tabbed-in exposure lines from the original header. (The leading space is important.)


P.S. The reason your pcompos command works is that the -h option removes all previous headers from the output.

Hi @Greg_Ward
Thanks for your reply! I tried the suggestion you mentioned and it works.

The information about the original image with the exposure lines:

It seems that new option -r doesn’t support in the old version?

How about this problem? Why the illuminance result with pcompos is closer to the measured value than the one with rcrop?

With such pixel overflow correction method guaranteed by @J_Alstan_Jakubiec, only DGP can be calculated?

I don’t understand the difference between the two results, to be honest. Neither of your ra_xyze commands is doing anything, since 23_ca.hdr and 23_carp.hdr don’t have left-justified EXPOSURE= lines in them. The output should be the same as the input. Also, your pcompos command has a stray “-o” option that it should not have, which would not have generated a correct result. If you upload your 23_ca.hdr image somewhere, I might try it myself.

Regarding the getinfo -r option, this is also new.


Hi @Greg_Ward,

I removed -o for pcompos and tested rcrop and pcompos to calculate the illuminance respectively. The final results are identical. It is clear that we have found the reason for this problem.

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