integral of radiation in one point - spherical illuminance

Hi Giovanni,

that is called spherical illuminance. As an approximation, you could calculate 6 illuminance values (up, down, East, West, North, South) and average them. Christopher Cuttle wrote a few papers on spherical illuminance.


Martin Moeck


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Subject: [Radiance-general] integral of radiation in one point

Dear list,

I have question that I hope you'll help get my head around.
I want to calculate the overall illuminance on a point in space that is, regardless of directionality.
I have made some simplified 2d sketches for clarity.
As I understand a radiance sensor point in rtrace will have cosine related sensitivity (image01)
If I am to place two coincident with opposing normals (image2) I'll miss on contributions from the sides.
Rotating the normals by 90 degrees at a time (figure 3) and summing contributions might not work either because will overestimate diagonal contributions (figure 4 ).
So I'm not getting too much closer to the solution...

Is there something that I am missing here?
Any light on this will be appreciated,

Giovanni Betti