Installing Radiance on Linux Mint LMDE 4 (Debian)

Hello Greg,
I am the person who is struggling to install Radiance on Linux Mint LMDE 4 (Debian), and I am replying to your last suggestion on the “Starting With Radiance” topic. I just got an error message that says that new users are limited to three replies on the same topic, so I am starting a new topic instead. I entered the commands you suggested, and I have attached a screenshot showing the result. Thanks much!

I’m sorry. These really aren’t Radiance problems. They have something to do with your Debian install not working with scripts properly. I don’t know that any of us is equipped to help you with such difficulties. No one else has encountered this as far as I know.

Hello Greg,
I tried deleting the ray directory and re-extracting the Radiance files from the rad5R2all.tar.gz file I downloaded. Then I opened a terminal window and changed the directory to the new ray directory, and I typed sudo /bin/csh makeall install. This time it worked! However, I got a few fatal errors during the install process, errors which read “fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
#include <X11/Xlib.h>”

I read a bit more of the readme file and it appears that I now need to install something called X11 support. Should I just go ahead and install X11 support, or should I follow the instructions in the text file titled “”? Thanks for your help, and my apologies for what are probably perfectly obvious newbie questions!

Strange that sudo made the difference, but glad you got it to compile at least.

Yes, download and install the X11 package and rebuild. You are much better off with than without it!

Everything seems to work now. As a clarification, I used the sudo in the makeall install command in order to insure that Debian allowed the makeall script to install library files and other files in the default locations designated by the makeall file. I think when I originally extracted the .tar file and created the first ray directory, I may have accidentally wiped out the original makeall file, which is why the csh suggestion did not work. When I deleted the ray directory and re-extracted the Radiance tar file, everything worked. I had to type sudo apt-get install libx11-dev in order to get all the required X11 files installed. Then I re-ran the makeall script. This time, there were no fatal errors. I was able to run the rad -o x11 daf.rif command in the readme file, and I saw the flower (?) graphic. So I think I’m set. I have now downloaded the latest version of “Rendering With Radiance” and am looking forward to familiarizing myself with the software.

For people running the latest version of Debian or who are running Linux Mint LMDE 4 on their machines, I would suggest the following workflow for installing Radiance:

  1. Download the rad5R2all.tar.gz file from the Radiance website.

  2. Open a terminal window and install csh by typing sudo apt-get install csh.

  3. Once csh is installed, type sudo apt-get install libx11-dev in the terminal window.

  4. Extract the rad542all.tar.gz file. This can be done through the File Manager and does not have to be done via the terminal.

  5. In your open terminal window, type cd ray, then type type sudo /bin/csh makeall install.

Does this list look complete? Hopefully it will help future newbies like me!

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