Installation instructions for Linux


I’m using Linux Mint and attempted to install the latest release (5.3). I first looked for installation instructions on The instructions are “If you don’t know what to do, use the pre-compiled installers!

Following this advice, I downloaded the from the LBNL-ETA github page. I’ve downloaded this, and unzipped the files, and now I have a series of directories nested inside usr/local/radiance

However I’ve been unable to locate any further instructions on what to do next. The instructions on the github page seem to be based on installing from source, which I’d rather avoid if possible. I’m guessing I want to copy the radiance folder into /usr/local/ and then I’ll need to set some environment variable / add something to my system path, but it’s unclear to me what the correct steps are. Any help locating the relevant instructions would be appreciated.



Sorry – this really should be spelled out better than it is! I guess they assume you know to move the binaries to an appropriate directory and alter your shell PATH variable accordingly. The only other requirement is to set RAYPATH to include the Radiance library location, which is in the ray/lib folder after unpacking, but can be moved somewhere else if you prefer. For example, copying or moving this directory to /usr/local/lib/ray, you might set the following in .bashrc (or equivalent):

RAYPATH = .:/usr/local/lib/ray
export RAYPATH


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