Install radince and daysim

I did the steps to install Radiance for Ecotect, but the graphic does not output and gives “rgbe read error”.
please guide

Hi Maryam,

I did not realize that Ecotect was still around, but could you add some context to your post? Where did you get the software? What were your installation steps? Are you following a particular guide or tutorial?


Hi Greg
I have been modeling with Ecotect for a long time and I get the output for light with Radiance and Daycim. Now that I have changed the system, the error I sent you appears.
I also do the process of installing Radiance from the GETTING STARTED file which is available in the file.
thank you
Software error and GETTING STARTED file are available in the following link.

Ignoring the pop-up error, which is not informative, I can see that you have a number of errors in the window beneath it showing that the binary executables for gensky and falsecolor are not being found. This means that your path is not set up, or these files are not installed where they are expected to be. I don’t know how to help you past that point.


Hi Greg
Thank you very much