Inheriting modifiers (was: alias handling)

Greg Ward wrote:

Jack de Valpine writes:
> void alias abc_c101 foo.white
> where now abc_c101 'inherits' both modifier and material
> characteristics.

I like this suggestion. However, I don't think using "void" to
indicate that the alias should use the same modifiers as the original
is a good idea, as one might want to break the modifier chain in
creating an alias, and this is a valid use of "void" in the current
implementation. However, we could introduce, for this one purpose, a
modifier keyword to associate with the alias pseudotype -- let's call
it "linked". Then, your example above becomes:

   linked alias abc_c101 foo.white

Why not just spell it out as "inherit"? It would be hard to make
it more explicit what actually happens if this is implemented...

I like the idea too, even if I might not use it a lot myself,
since Rayfront juggles aliases in other ways at the moment.
Actually, it might even simplify the implementation of some
of the features that I have in mind for a future release.



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