Importing to Radiance from Poser

My turn to ask a question. Can anyone recommend a tool or pathway to go from a Poser P4-P5-Pro model into Radiance? I’m interested in buying the following Turbosquid-hosted model for an animation test, so it’s important to somehow carry the rigging through the translation process. I’m thinking if I can get the model converted to OBJ, I might be able to re-rig it, but I’m afraid I’ll just get polygon soup and not be able to sort out the various moving parts.

Any tips or suggestions? Has anyone done something like this before? I’ve purchased Turbosquid models, but I haven’t had to convert them nor have I attempted an articulated model before. I suppose I can just purchase the model and see what I can make of it, but I’d rather not waste my time if there’s little chance of making it work.

Hi Greg,

I have never done it before however after reading your question this came to mind:

  • Intermediating the process with blender?
  • Blender enables rigging however not sure about import formats.
  • Then obj2rad
    Not sure if I helped.

Great fan of your work.

Thanks for your response. As it turns out, the model came with OBJ files after all, so I was pleased not to have to convert it myself. I used a utility I wrote some time ago for manipulating OBJ scenes, which I think I’ll fold into Radiance for the next release. It’s quite handy for extracting geometry and fixing up models before running through obj2rad or obj2mesh.