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Hi all,
I am trying to follow the instructions of Giulio in order to illuminate a model with radiance but I faced some troubles.

First of all, 3ds2mgf command is not found. When I tried all other commands there in no such a problem so I supposed I have set correct my path. 3ds2mgf does not appear eihter in this list: Does exist such a program in radiance?

For this reason I decided to make it with an "indirect process" and export my model as .obj (I used anim8or ( ) to make model and export it as 3ds and obj as well)

I used
obj2rad thermos6.obj > thermos6.rad
and successfully thermos6.rad was created.

But when I call
objview thermos6.rad there is the following error:
      oconv -f -r 16384 example.rad /usr/tmp/lt27666.rad > usr/tmp.ov27666.oct
      oconv: fatal - (thermos6.rad): undefined modifier "mesh01"
      rad: error generating octree usr/tmp/ov27666.oct removed

Same error ( oconv: fatal - (thermos6.rad): undefined modifier "mesh01") appears when I call oconv command

Can anyone help me? What I am I doing wrong? How can I solve the problem?
(by the way I have also used 3D studio max to try for a simpler model but the same problem appears, so I assume that it is not a problem of anim8or exporting)

Here are the files i used: (430K) (30K) (80K)

Thanks a lot,


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  You can convert almost any 3ds model directly into radiance:

  3ds2mgf name.3ds

  mgf2rad name.mgf > name.rad

  now simply try:

  objview name.rad

  the rvu window should open showing the model illuminated by 3 light sources,

  it's a quick and good check to start with.

  Of everything is ok, you can now create in a separate file the sky,

  When you have done you combine the two with:

  oconv sky.rad name.rad > name.oct

  and preview them with

  rvu name.oct

  now you just need to set up the view,

  type v in the rvu window, select point and viewing direction...

  good luck!



  this is quick but do not incorporates uv coordinates, only colours are translated.

  If you have textures and uv you may need to use obj2mesh

  Once converted the model the syntax is:

  void mesh example

  7 modelname.mesh -rx 90 -t 10 10 10




  7 is the number of inputs on the same line,

  -rx 90 rotates the model by 90 degrees on the y axys

  -t 10 10 10 translate the model from 0 0 0 to the point 10 10 10

  When creating the mesh use:

  obj2mesh -a materialfile objfile > meshfile

  About that there is a quick tutorial I wrote at:


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  Subject: [Radiance-general] illuminate a 3ds with radiance


  I need to illuminate a scene with radiance which does not only contain primitives (e.g. sphere) but some more complex models such a 3ds model.

  That is, I need to do what is described in Debevec's IBL tutorial but instead to have spheres in the scene, i wolud like to have a 3ds model

  As I understood so far from what I have read from web, is that I need to convert .3ds to .obj and then use obj2mesh radiance programm

  Then I should use that mesh (lets sat output.rtm) in the scene (file: scene.rad) with this:

  mod mesh id
  1+ output.rtm [xform args]

  I would like to know if this is the correct process or there is another way to illuminate a 3ds with radiance?

  What about [xform args]. What I should write over there? Is anywhere that I can find a simple and complete example for illuminating scenes constist from more complex models?

  Should I let 1+ and two zeros just as there are?

  ...Beside the help I need for the above, I would like to read "Real Pixels" Graphics Gem II. I' ve ty to find it in the web but waht I found are only many references about this paper. Can I found it anywhere online?

  Thank you a lot,




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