how to get a beautiful perspective pictures face to window inward?

hi, Lars,

I mean to get a picture from ''rvu".


I’m simulating a 333m room, and have one window on one wall, does anybody
have similar experiences about how to get a good picture face to window
inward? I find some beautiful perspective pictures in some papers.

Best is if you imagine taking a picture with a camera in such an
environment. I do not know if you have any experience as a photographer,
but you would most probably use a wide angle lense, as the room is small
and you want to see a perspective v谋ew, not just one wall. Try something
like -vh 90, which would open the horizontal field of view to 90 degree.
Also, sketch a plan of your room, and mark view-point and field of view
(which would be an angle at the viewpoint), so you can get an idea how
much you can see of your room at a given point with a given lense.

This is much more about photography/sketching then Radiance.

You could use rvu and just play around, but it is still better to KNOW
what you are doing :wink:

Good luck, Lars.


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