How to edit the perforation of a material

Hallo dear Radiance community,

for a glare study, I was asked at a later time, to consider the influence of a full closed perforated metal venetian blind.
I close in for help on this, because I am not that well versed in creating materials in Radiance.
I need to create this blind and I have this info:

I found this perforated material in my HB library which might help, but how do I replicate my data (perforation diameter and perforation distance) in this Radiance material?

void metal mesh_material
5 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.9 0.0
void mixfunc y_perforation
6 mesh_material void y_hole -s 0.03
1 0.02

I thank those who could help me

I found the solution and solved the problem!!