Honeybee Daylight Analysis Webinar - April 6

Dear Radiance Community,

As probably some of you remember I showed Honeybee as a work in progress
during the last Radiance Workshop: (


We released daylighting components last month and obviously from that day I
wanted to send an email and ask for your help and feedback. It never
happened as I never get the chance to capture an illustrative video.

This Sunday (April 6) I will be teaching a workshop to cover the essential
workflows for conducting effective daylighting analysis with Honeybee.

We will stream the workshop live. It should be a good place to get started
until I capture a number of short videos.

Here is a video that shows what current version of Honeybee does (

In case you are interested check this link to find more information about
the workshop:

Let me know if you have any questions.


PS: In case you haven't heard of Ladybug and Honeybee and you haven't click
on any of the links above here is a short description:
Honeybee is an open-source plugin for Grasshopper3D that connects
Grasshopper/Rhino to Radiance, Daysim, EnergyPlus and OpenStudio. Currently
components for Radiance and Daysim are released to the public. You can read
more about Honeybee here (
http://core.thorntontomasetti.com/honeybee-is-out-and-flying/) and check
the source code on github (https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/).