Help improving an Open Source Ray-Tracer

Hello all,

sorry for using this forum for this, as my question today is not about Radiance… I hope you don’t mind.

As some of you might know, I am developing a Ray-tracing library, aiming to integrate it with a wider ecosystem of Building Simulation Tools that I am also developing.

So far, things are going relatively well but there are some issues with it. Specifically, it would seem that my direct calculations work fine for diffuse materials and glass, but the gathering of subsequent bounces aren’t working properly. CHECK THE REPORT HERE. If anyone here is keen to have a look and contribute, I’d really appreciate it! (it is open source for a reason!). Or, are there any common mistakes that I might be making?

The main function is HERE. Some things to notice:

  • I think the difference between Radiance and my library is affected by the reflectivity of the material.
  • I know my model for Greg’s (et al.) BSDF is incorrect… for now I am focusing mainly on diffuse materials.

Thanks a lot!

(I promise I will not hijack this forum for non-radiance topics any more)