hello, hello!

I am currently developing a radiance test output module for our cycas cad software.
I hope to get it working with Radzilla and direct caching as well. It would be great to get those stunning radiance quality images within construction work from the cad. If this is of any interest, i will post
some results/images.


Hi Wolfgang,

great, of course you're welcome to post some results, and also feel free to ask if questions arise during programming the Radiance/Radzilla connection

By the way, the recent Radiance workshop has shown a considerable amount of activity in integrating Radiance into other environments, which is something long overdue anyway in my opinion.

Ans especially the radzilla development could really benfit from feedback if this or that new feature proves itself useful and reliable in a wide variety of cases or if further optimization in the calculation or the use and handling is necessary


PS: I've seen that you already use POVRay for your image output. I started my occupation with raytracing with POVRay, and now feel a bit sad that the usual lack of time made me get out of touch with it, as I still belive that it is a highly capable program..