Hdrgen on Raspberry pi

Hello Radiance community,
I’m exploring potentials for combining HDRIs on a Raspberry Pi. If anyone tried that and is willing to share some tips that would be appreciated! how long did it take to compile an HDRI?

Thank you,
Belal Abboushi

Hi Belal,

@Andrew_McNeil built a version of hdrgen for the Raspberry Pi some years backed, linked to my website’s front page (www.anyhere.com).


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Hi Belal,

As Greg said, @Andrew_McNeil built a version of hdrgen for Raspberry Pi. You can find the installation guide and the code to build HDR images in the following link https://github.com/andyrew/piHDR.

I also recommend you to read the following tutorial, especially the image calibration procedure (Section 2.5).