HDR image Crop Issue

When I wanted to crop an HDR image, ultimately I got a solid black square which seems weird.
This is the command that I use:
pcompos -x 3040 -y 3040 hdr.hdr -508 -3040 > hdrCr.hdr

I am wondering if I am wrong somewhere.
Here is showing the base point for cropping.

Anyone has any idea?


I dont think you need to crop in y direction, so the command would be rather
pcompos -x 3040 -y 3040 hdr.hdr -508 0 > hdrCr.hdr

If you use pcompos, you need to get rid of the tab in front of exposure and/or view section in the header manually. It is better to use rcrop (syntax below) instead that dont have this issue.


rcrop row0 col0 nrows ncols [ input [ output ] ]

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