HDR image creation 3pm vs rpict

Hi all,

I’m trying to generate hdr images for glare evaulation. I already had a three-phase model for regular daylighting simulations, so first I tried three phase image based simulations.

I want to compare these results with hdr images made with rpict. I’m currently getting, let’s say, somewhat ugly renders (some edges left of the window are weirdly patchy). Does it look like a fundamental mistake, or do I need to fine-tune the rpict parameters, and if so, which? Something makes me think it’s not as simple as just increasing ab…

I’ve attached a 3pm and rpict render, each made with the following code:

vwrays -vf inside_2.vf -vth -vh 180 -vv 180 -x 1000 -y 1000 -pj 0.7 -c 9 -ff | rfluxmtx -v -ffc vwrays -vf inside_2.vf -vth -vh 180 -vv 180 -x 1000 -y 1000 -d -o matrices/hdr_ab4/inside%03d.hdr -ab 4 -ad 1000 -lw 1e-4 -c 9 -n 16 - windows/window.rad -i temp/multilab_SSF_xf.oct


rpict -vf inside_2.vf -vth -vh 180 -vv 180 -x 1000 -y 1000 -pj 0.7 -ab 1 -ad 10000 -as 512 -aa .05 -lw 1e-3 test.oct > test.hdr

Also, is it generally preferred to use the 3pm or rpict to generate hdr images for DGP and/or eDGPs evaulation? (For eDGPs I’m setting ab=0, seperately calculating Ev and inputting it into evalglare with the hdr image).

Thank you as always,

Hi Joe,

Looks like you started another thread since posting this. As you probably discovered, the 3-phase method is not appropriate for most glare evaluations, as it loses too much detail in the circumsolar region.