gensky manpage

Hi Rob,

You are correct! The gensky man page should be updated, and I have updated it at your prompting for the next release to use:

skyfunc glow skyglow
4 .99 .99 1.1 0



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From: Rob Guglielmetti <[email protected]>
Date: Thu May 22, 2003 8:48:12 AM US/Pacific
To: Greg Ward <[email protected]>
Subject: gensky manpage
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Hi Greg,

I think I may have discovered an error in the documentation on the website.

If you go to and look at the sample input for using skyfunc, it recommends:

skyfunc glow skyglow
4 .9 .9 1 0

... but I remember finding a very useful email from you in the Radiance Digests about making sure the photopic average for your rgb values always adds up to 1. It was the basis for my "skyfunc RGB checker" utility on materials spreadsheet. According to my spreadsheet, .9 .9 1 works out to a photopic average of .9065, indicating a sky radiance that skyfunc will "undershoot".

If this is indeed a mistake, we should probably post a correction to the list, as I know Schorsch and a few others have posted copies of the docs on their own sites...


     Rob Guglielmetti

e. [email protected]