Gensky CIE clear sky question

Hello everyone,
Can gensky only generate CIE sky at a single point in time?
What if I want to generate a CIE clear sky model from 8: 00-18: 00 on March 21 to 8: 00-18: 00 on June 22?
How does the three-phase method loop through these consecutive times to generate images?

Thanks a lot

You would need to implement this as a “for” or “foreach” loop in a script. You would pipe the output of gensky to genskyvec then to dctimestep with a specification for the component images created in advance by rfluxmtx (or rcontrib). It’s a complicated process and not something easily explained in an e-mail, which is why we have tutorials for this sort of thing (as well as tools like Ladybug and Honeybee and OpenStudio to handle the tricky details). If you go to and scroll down to “Advanced Tutorials,” there is a link to an excellent and comprehensive tutorial on matrix-based methods by Sarith Subramaniam. You can try diving into this if you feel confident, or you can look at some of the earlier tutorials on the same page and work up to this one.