Hi guys,

Not sure if gencumulativesky is part of Radiance package or specific to
daysim; but here is my question.

I know the two program(gencumulativesky & gendaymtx) output data in two
different units but I was hoping to get close values for a cumulative
tregenza sky created by
- gencumulativesky +s1 -a 51.15 -o -0.18 -m 0 -p -E -time 1 24 -date 1 1 12
31 GBR_London.Gatwick.037760_IWEC.epw

and adding up columns(hourly data) for each row in gendaymtx matrix(and
later to divide by 1000 as the above gives in kWhr/m2 sr)
- gendaymtx -r 1 -m 1 -c 1 1 1 "GBR_London.Gatwick.037760_IWEC.wea"

Have I made a wrong assumption?


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