GenCumulativeSky reference values

Dear All,

I am writing because I want to include annual solar irradiation (in kWh/m2) a and annual daylight exposure (in Luxh) in a C++ project. In order to ensure accuracy, I am trying to create tests for everything.

The procedure I am using is the following:

  1. Create a city.txt weather data with GlobalHorizontal (i.e. [direct_normal*sin(altitude)+diffuse_horizontal] ) and DiffuseHorizontal radiation for each hour of the year
  2. run gencumulativesky with the appropriate -a -o -m options and the -G >
  3. create a sky and create an octree
  4. echo 0 0 0 0 0 1 | rtrace $OPTIONS -I octree

Should my output be equals to the sum of the global_horizontal radiation for each hour of the year? How do I know this is working? (for testing my procedure, I mean).

I compared my returning value with one a friend did in DIVA, and the results are quite off (300%)… any suggestions?