GenBSDF error in Win10

Hi everyone,

I am trying to learn how to generate BSDF materials. I followed genBSDF tutorial from Andy McNeil, but I got stacked. I create the file blinds.rad from a *txt file and then generate *xml but I got the next error:

C:\Users\Julio> +f +b -c 500 -geom inch blinds.rad > blinds.xml
xform: (blinds.rad): unknown object type “EOF”
Could not load Radiance input

Does anybody knows why this happen?


Hi Julio,

It looks like some of your posts were blocked because they contained links back to but for some reason, our own domain was blocked. I added it to the “whitelist,” though I don’t understand why that should be needed.

Anyway, your problem is most likely an empty “blinds.rad” input. Did you check it?

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Hi Greg,

I have created a *txt file with the following content :
void plastic white
5 0.7 0.7 0.7 0 0
!genblinds white blinds 1 2 4 4 20 | xform -rz 90 -rx -90

this model contains a mistake, continue reading to find out more (so don’t use this in your



I actually don’t see the problem. Is your copy of genblinds working? What happens when you type “genblinds” in a command window by itself, without any arguments?

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Hi Julio,

I just tested on a Windows 10 laptop it works for me.

I can recreate your error by deleting blinds.rad and running the genBSDF command. Are you sure you’re running genBSDF in the same directory as blinds.rad? Are there any typos in the filename?


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Hi @Andrew_McNeil and @Greg_Ward,

I have format my computer as I though some other apps could be interfering with Radiance. I installed Radiance 5.1 and runned genBSDF with perl. Still doesn’t work and I got this error.

Do you have any idea what might be the problem?


That’s not an error. It means that genBSDF started correctly. The message is in case it gets interrupted or killed, you can restart it with the command specified (remembering to redirect the output to your results XML file).

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