falsecolor -lw 0 not working in latest CVS snapshot?

Hi Axel,

I would be willing to work on this with you. Perhaps we can move the discussion to dev?



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On 1/4/2011 7:47 PM, Axel Jacobs wrote:

Chris, Greg, all

I've run into a problem with falsecolor on the latest CVS version

>> (compiled this morning). When I try to generate a falsecolor image
>> without a legend (by setting -lw 0 or -lh 0), I get an error:

"/tmp/<temp dir>/scol.hdr: bad picture size"


If I try to run the same command on the same image using the

>> official 4R0 release I also have compiled, I do not get this error
>> and the falsecolor image is successfully generated without a legend.

Can anyone else replicate this error? Or is it possible that I have

>> a compiling error somewhere along the way? Any help/insight would
>> be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for pointing out this error. The falsecolor C-shell script

> was replaced with a Perl script written by Axel Jacobs, and I guess
> this particular option wasn't tested. There was a set of
> single-quotes that needed to be double-quotes, which I have fixed and
> checked in this morning. It should appear in tomorrow's HEAD.

Sorry about this oversight. Yes, I submitted a Perl replacement of the falsecolor.csh script a couple of months ago. I wrote the Perl script some time ago, needing to run fc on a server that didn't have CSH installed. Well, it seems I did not test all options thoroughly. Apologies for that.

I have since looked at some of the other CSH scripts, and started re-writing some of them. In the long run (Radiance 5.0???), I was hoping to get rid of all of them and replace them with Perl. If there are any 'Perlistas' out there willing to adopt a CSH script and turn it into a Perl one, please get in touch with me. I would not like to burden Greg with this for now. Maybe amongst us, we can come up with a 'coding standard' to have some consistency here. I've got a few ideas and experice with Perl coding (WebHDR is all done in Perl), but it's all a bit rusty...


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