False color legend maximum


I have a strange problem. I’ve written some code including the line:
falsecolor -i vigabscorr.hdr -s 10000 -e -log 3 > fc_vigabscorr.hdr

I have two sets of images from two different cameras, for one set, it correctly set the legend max/min to 10000 and 10 respectively, whereas for the other set it sets the legend max/min to 6493.816 and 15.399 respectively. Other than file paths, the code for each sets of images is the same.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like either there’s a bug in falsecolor, or something invisible in the problem command line (e.g., a non-ASCII character from cut/paste), or you are accessing different versions of falsecolor, somehow. (This can happen when you have multiple Radiance installations under certain circumstances.)

If you upload the input files somewhere and share your exact commands, I can investigate further.