Error: "X connection to .... broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

Dear Radiance community,
I'm just starting to use Radiance and I'm currently going through the

tutorial. Right at the beginning when trying to view the sphere (page 14)
using the following command "objline objects/things.rad | x11meta", all I
get is a mesh without surfaces and an error saying:

"X connection to /tmp/launch-VcMFzD/org.x:0 broken (explicit kill or

server shutdown)."

When does this error show in the terminal? While you're still looking at
the mesh or only when you close the window? If it only appears after you
closed the window then that's just because the x11meta window does not
terminate the connection to the x server properly. That's not a problem.

Now I'm not sure if the mesh is all that I'm in fact supposed to see at

this stage but I think that this error message is not a good sign.

Any thoughts on what this could mean and how to solve the problem?

It doesn't look like a problem at this stage. Continue with the tutorial
and see if the following steps produce output you expect.



On Wednesday, July 4, 2012, Michael Bannert <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Michael!

@Thomas: Yes, the error only occurred when closing the window. But
there was an error beep when the window opened that made me wonder.


For the time being, I think I will just proceed with the tutorial and
assume that this problem does not specifically affect the behavior of

As mentioned before, while it should not give that warning, there is no
functional problem caused. Objline with x11meta is a way to get a quick
wireframe preview of objects, mostly used for debugging. If you want to
keep those previews e.g. for printout or archiving, you can pipe the
output to psmeta instead. This will hopefully not result in other
problems. And as others mentioned, for shaded previews, you can use rvu
- which is using the raytracing code and allows to use all those
parameters you may set in your final renderings.

The problem is not caused by ssh, as you are working locally.

Cheers, Lars.


On Thu, 2012-07-05 at 08:59 +0200, Michael Bannert wrote: