Error: "X connection to .... broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

Dear Radiance community,

I'm just starting to use Radiance and I'm currently going through the tutorial. Right at the beginning when trying to view the sphere (page 14) using the following command "objline objects/things.rad | x11meta", all I get is a mesh without surfaces and an error saying:

"X connection to /tmp/launch-VcMFzD/org.x:0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)."

Now I'm not sure if the mesh is all that I'm in fact supposed to see at this stage but I think that this error message is not a good sign.

Any thoughts on what this could mean and how to solve the problem?

Best regards,

PS.: I'm running Radiance on Mac OS Snow Leopard using the latest snapshot of Radiance. I followed the installation instructions suggested here:


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