ECOTECT Seminar at IIT, Chicago, Oct 12-13

Dear All,

IIT-Chicago will be offering the 5th seminar using ECOTECT from Monday to
Tuesday morning October 12 to 13, 2009.

Please see attached 'IIT Ecotect Seminar Announcement & Program' file

I hope this seminar will be great opportunity for your green building &
environmental design analysis.

Thank you.


Dong H. Ko
Research Associate
College of Architecture
Illinois Institute of Technology


                  IIT ECOTECT Seminar


October 12-13, 2009 (One and half day seminar)

Day 1: Monday, October 12, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Morning: Introduction of ECOTECT & 3D modeling (import file)
Afternoon: Weather Tool, Solar Tool & Shadow, Sun path, and Shading Analysis
                          - Solar Access Analysis, Daylight level, Shading,
Solar radiation
Day 2: Tuesday, October 13, 8:30am – Noon
Morning: Evaluation of various building performances using ECOTECT
                    (Building Analysis, Lighting, RADIANCE & Green Building Studio)

In this seminar, you will learn

• How to use ECOTECT programs that will help you make better design decisions
• The purpose and benefits of ECOTECT modeling
• How to interpret and report their results
• When to use ECOTECT for improving green & sustainable design
• To understand the techniques and design principles for low energy buildings
and the review of energy-efficient design strategies
• To understand the interdependence of design, location, weather, and scientific
factors in developing energy-efficient buildings
• To acquire the simulation skills to research weather and contexts in the
schematic design process and run simulation programs to analyze building energy


Day 1: Monday, October 12

Lecture-1 (08:30-09:00): Registration and Opening Remarks
Lecture-2 (09:00-09:30): Introduction – Program Install, Setup
Lecture-3 (09:30-10:15): 3D Modeling (Ecotect & import file)
  (Coffee Break)

Lecture-4 (10:30-11:15): Weather Tool - Weather data, Climate zone
Lecture-5 (11:15-12:00): Sun-Path Diagram, Sun position, Shadow Analysis

Lecture-6 (13:00-13:45): Solar Tool and Shading
Lecture-7 (13:45-14:45): Solar Radiation
  (Coffee Break)

Lecture-8 (15:00-15:45): Solar Radiation (Solar Panel, Occupant Comfort, Glare)
Lecture-9 (15:45-16:30): Solar Radiation (BIPV, Location, Angle, Shading)

Day 2: Tuesday, October 13

Lecture-10 (08:30-09:00): Daylight Requirements (Daylight Factor, Daylight
      Autonomy, and LEED 2.2 and 2009 (V3) Requirements)
Lecture-11 (09:00-10:15): Lighting Analysis (Indoor illuminance, FC and DF)
           & RADIANCE (Analysis of all Daylight Performance)
(Coffee Break)

Lecture-12 (10:30-11:15): Green Building Studio 1
Lecture-13 (11:15-12:00): Green Building Studio 2

* Every Lecture contain ‘15 minutes individual practice’ and ‘Q&A session’.

If you want to register ‘IIT Ecotect Seminar’ or need more information, please
- D.H. Ko, PhD, LEED AP, [email protected].
- Payam Bahrami, PhD Administrative Assistant, 312.567.3930 or [email protected]