Does genbsdf work for geometry with bsdf material?

I want to model the window with blinds which are made of Prismatic Daylight-Redirecting Window Film,and I have a measured BSDF for the Prismatic Daylight-Redirecting Window Film.Can I use genbsdf to generate the BSDF for blinds?

I have done it successfully without erros , however, “unsupported radiance primitive” was reported in the BSDF file.So I’m not sure the BSDF is valid.

You will need to give us more details about your process, your files, and your commands. What was your input to genBSDF? How did you take your measurements, and how did you apply them to this model? Which command gave you the “unsupported primitive” error?

Hi Yongqing,

Lars shared the e-mail exchange with you, which he tried to post but was blocked, somehow. (We’re working on figuring out what’s going on with that.)

According to that exchange, the problem was that you attempted to include a BSDF type in the Radiance model given to genBSDF, which is allowed. However, using the +geometry option of genBSDF then (in turn) attempts to convert this to an MGF representation, which does not support Radiance BSDF types. The workaround is to specify a -geometry option instead, and manually create a BSDF that reincorporates the Radiance model for the blinds if you want to use proxy geometry. (Normally, pkgBSDF would take care of this for you.)

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Thank you ,Greg,I have done it successfully!

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