Divide by zero WXFalse color error


I used to make luminance HDR false color images with wxfalsecolor. I have been getting this error when creating the false color image:
error: v=y/yres;vleft=v;vright=v;vbelow=(y-1)/yres;vabove=(y+1)/yres; ^ divide by zero color
Does anybody have the same problem? have you fix it? if so, could you please share the solution?

I use windows 10.


Hi Julio,

This seems familiar, like a bug that was fixed some time ago. Can you check which version of falsecolor you are using? Just print the first few lines of the file. The latest is:

# RCSid $Id: falsecolor.pl,v 2.25 2023/02/01 18:18:10 greg Exp $


After a little digging, I’m thinking this may be a bug in pcomb, which was fixed back in 2018. You should check that you are not accessing an older version of pcomb from falsecolor. This sometimes happens when out-of-date binaries are delivered with OpenStudio or similar. You can usually remove the older binaries, or if you need to keep them for some reason, change your executable search path to favor the newer directory.