DIVA-4.0 Beta is out


Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce the availability of DIVA-4.0 beta for download<http://solemma.net/DIVA-for-Rhino/download.html>. The DIVA Grasshopper<http://diva4rhino.com/> tools have been completely revamped for this release. We have also added the Archsim<http://archsim.com/> multi-zone thermal modelling environment in Grasshopper to the DIVA suite and fully coupled our lighting and energy simulations. Other workflow improvements include hybrid luminance images with illuminance contours, inclusion of the Utah colored sky model by Mark Stock on Windows and the photon mapping forward ray tracing module by Roland Schregle.
We will be offering a series of training opportunities over the coming months including at PLEA in Los Angeles<http://diva4rhino.com/profiles/blogs/diva-at-plea-2016> on July 10 and 13 and at the University of Toronto, Canada, on Sep 29. Please go to http://diva4rhino.com/news for details.

Happy simulations,

The Solemma Team