Device suggestions for measuring surface color and reflectance in the field

Hi Kyle,

I have used the CM-2002. It's expensive, but works well. Photographing a Macbeth color chart next to your surface as Rob suggests also works if it's diffuse and your lighting is uniform. These are difficult things to guarantee in practice.

I haven't use the Colormunki, so I don't know anything about that. I wrote a somewhat out-of-date document that covers some of these methods:

Best of luck!


From: Kyle Konis <>
Date: January 29, 2014 10:54:02 AM PST

Dear list,

I plan to build several radiance models of Alzheimer care facilities in preparation for a field study examining daylight exposures and cognitive / health outcomes in partnership with a colleague in health sciences.

The radiance work is intended to supplement the data collected from physical sensors to provide greater insight into 24-hour patters of light / dark.

I would like to measure the surface optical properties (color, reflectance) of the walls / ceilings and floors etc.

I am aware of two devices that have been used to do this.

1) The first is the X-rite Colormunki (actual name of product) that Michael Donn was using while visiting LBNL.

The second is the Minolta CM-2002 Spectrophotometer used by Mehlika Inanici.

If anyone has experience with this task who can provide some comments on their approach it would be appreciated. (Michael and Mehlika, i will likely contact you directly!).