Development and debugging practices

I’m dipping a toe into Radiance development after a long absence and wondering about current practices, so I have a few questions:

  1. What are people using for their development builds? rmake, cmake, …? Is anyone still using the scons build system?

  2. How do people compile with debugging options set?

  3. I vaguely remember that there are now have nightly tests; where is the code for those?

I’m just seeing these posts now in my summary email. I need to figure out how to be “realtime” by default!

I use CMake as you can imagine. I make release builds only. Georg Mischler is still maintaining the scons system, so I figure he is still using it, at a minimum.

There are some tests in both the scons and Cmake build systems. Minimal. We (NREL) use the Cmake tests on our CI system, which is configured to only kick off a build/test/package after a commit to HEAD (on the CSV). I don’t know if anyone’s doing nightly builds, much less posting packages or build/test results anywhere.