Desktop Radiance 2.0 Beta

Dear Desktop Radiance and Radiance community,

As many of you know, last year we completed a 2.0 beta version of the
Desktop Radiance software, but did not release it because of lack of
funding to provide support, i.e., respond to installation problems, bug
reports, improvement suggestions, etc. However, since in Version 2.0
beta we have corrected several of the bugs in the 1.02 version, we
decided to release the 2.0 beta version for those who would like to try
it, with a "use at your own risk" disclaimer.

In addition to bug fixes, Version 2.0 beta includes editors for
user-defined materials, glazings (through links to the Optics software),
furniture and electric lighting luminaires. However, these new editors
have not been tested extensively and may have introduced new bugs. Both
versions are now available at the Desktop Radiance web site, at In the absence of a funded activity the
Desktop Radiance Yahoo Group will serve as the main mechanism for


Kostas Papamichael

Konstantinos Papamichael, Ph.D., Staff Scientist

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