Default window size for rvu?

Silly question, but I can't figure this out!

Some time ago, all of a sudden, whenever I load a model in rvu, the window starts out very small, like 200px square. I can resize the window, but usually I have to type 'new' a couple times and drag the window while I'm doing it to "force" the redraw to take up the larger, resized window. The window used to seem to default to around 512px or so. Dunno what I did to make it load differently now, and for the life of me I can't figure out where a default like this would be stored.

As they say, what's up with that?

This is happening on a Fedora Core 1 machine, running the xfce window manager. Happens on Gnome & KDE too though.



      Rob Guglielmetti


Hi Rob,

classic Radiance rvu has to content itself which the values the X server is offering to it, so the reason for this effect lies outside of Radiance.

I once made an attempt to find out how the X server handles the window startup and determines sizes, but I didn't get far ...


@Rob_Guglielmetti2, @Carsten_Bauer2 I know that this is an old thread but did you by any chance manage to find any explanation and possibly a workaround. I am kind of facing a similar issue in my machine.

For example I am creating a simple room like below:

void light bright
3 100 100 100
#^ r_radiance g_radiance b_radiance

# here is the light source:
bright sphere fixture
4 2 1 1.5 .125
#^ xcent ycent zcent radius

# this is the material for my test ball:
void plastic red_plastic
5 .7 .05 .05 .05 .05
#^ red green blue specularity roughness

# here is the ball:
red_plastic sphere ball
4 .7 1.125 .625 .125

# the wall material:
void plastic gray_paint
5 .5 .5 .5 0 0
# a box-shaped room:
!genbox gray_paint room 3 6 2 -i

oconv room.rad > room.oct

and the output from the rvu and objview respectively are the following:

for some reason I am also getting the view in a small box in the upper left corner of the window and my overall window is stretched vertically. Trying to resize leads to a black output:

I’m not sure that your first two images are problematic. The resulting views you are getting from the rvu and objview commands are correct. As for the extra area of black pixels, I have never been able to get a reliable fix to these oddities, they persist to this day on various machines I’ve used.

However, you should be able to resize the window and type new at the rvu command line to force a refresh, using all the area in the window. THat’s always worked for me.

Even hitting “return” should refresh the window and start a new rendering. It’s true that rvu can kind of sit there stupidly after a resize if it thought it was done. (I guess I don’t notice these things anymore as my reactions are so automatic.)

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Yup, hitting “return” successfully refreshed the window. Well I never thought about hitting return, I was expecting that it will refresh the output view while I resize the window on itself. Thanks Greg.