daysim error

Hi All,

I am running annual day lighting Simulation using Daysim, with 105 sensors
on a grid plane. after the .dc and .ill files have been calculated . when i
select the work plane sensors under the "start daylighting analysis" window
i get the following error

*"Warning: *No core workplane sensors have been selected. Daysim will
therefore interpret all illuminance sensors as workplane sensors, i.e.
Daysim assumes that the core workplane extends over all illuminance sensors
in your lighting zone. (Note: To select a work plane sensor, go to


in my case i have selected two sensors , one at 2 meters and the other at a
depth of 6 meters ,among the 105 sensors. and when i hit the start day
lighting analysis, daysim is treating all the sensors as work plane in spite
of specifying them initially . this is problem is giving me
incorrect blind setting profile. could any one please suggest me an solution
to this.

thank you,



Aditya Potipireddi
MS Building Design ( Energy & Climate)
Arizona State University
tel. 480.544.4936