Daylighting training @ Harvard

Dear colleagues,

My apologies for any cross posting.

This is a reminder/invitation that we will be hosting a three day
Executive Education Program on 'Daylighting Buildings' on June 29/30 and
July 10 at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
01683) . The workshop has been specifically designed for A&E and
consulting firms interested in adding advanced daylighting analysis
techniques to their portfolio. The first two days of the workshop will
consist of presentations and hands-on exercises. On the third day, which
will take place about a week later, we will reconvene either in person
or electronically, and participants will be asked to present an example
of how they applied the course content to a project of their choice. The
class and instructors will review the results and provide constructive
feedback. The main purpose of that third day is to 'force' participants
to apply what they have learnt shortly after the workshop so that they
do not forget the course content and start feeling more confident about
their simulation skills.

As software we will be using:

- CAD modeling: SketchUp, Ecotect and Rhino

- Analysis: Ecotect, Radiance, Daysim, Evalglare

The following topics will be covered. Additional topics can be added at
participants' request:

- The role of daylighting and simulations in design

- Rules of thumb that work

- Balance point and direct shading studies

- Daylight factor calculation and analysis

- Model Q&A

- Climate-based daylighting metrics

- Modeling occupant behavior

- Predicting electric lighting energy use

- Advanced glare analysis

- Modeling light and health phenomena

- Presenting results

- Modeling advanced materials

Please contact Margaret Moore de Chicojay ([email protected];
617-496-8728) or myself should you have any questions regarding the
program. You are strongly encouraged to register by June 15.


Christoph Reinhart, Dr. Ing.

Associate Professor of Architectural Technology

Graduate School of Design - Harvard University

Gund Hall 331b, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

t: 617 384 7269, f: 617 495 8916, [email protected]
<mailto:[email protected]>

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