daily snapshot of head is empty


I just found that the tarball of the daily head-snapshot is empty:


The cpio-archive is ok.

Cheers, Lars.

Seems to work, now -- thanks!!

Forwarding to radiance/dev....



Begin forwarded message:

From: Daniel Fuller <defuller@lbl.gov>
Date: February 2, 2012 9:45:34 AM PST

ok Greg could you please check it...

cpio in part of the


script (check /etc/crontab) had "tar" as an output parameter but on
freebsd it needed to be "ustar". unfortunately it only inputs but
dosn't output in gnutar - which I figure is more robust - but
hopefully the whole thing is simple enough so that the "ustar" format
is sufficient...

the cpio man page references

man libarchive-formats

to describe the differences btw gnutar and ustar formats

TMI (too much information - maybe...!)